Monday, April 4, 2011

Super Baby!

As if the world isn't 'go get'em' enough already, you have mothers who are constantly pushing for perfection.

Not only do they push but at times they even resort to lies and exaggeration.

I wonder, what's the point?

What do you really gain?

Is that really a healthy environment for a baby having such high expectations that you feel the need to go to extreme measures?

For awhile I had a super baby in my midst and I say this in full honesty and with not even the slightest bit of jealousy, because super mums (obviously the mothers of super babies) often assume thats what it is - but when I heard a not even 6 month old at the time could stand, walk, crawl, speak and apparently had been holding her head since birth and sitting unassisted before 3 months of age I was obviously nothing short of skeptical

 Hey ... I mean, stranger things have happened, but the likely hood of these events all taking place with no photo or video evidence was unlikely. Not to mention when ever anyone saw super baby, there was always an excuse why she couldn't put a sock in our mouths and 'stand up' to her claims .. because obviously super babies kryptonite was her jeans, or an audience of any form.

The first time I realized the measures this mother went to was when both our daughters were about 3 months old, she was literally just as super as my baby, but with a little more head and upper body control, she had told me she was breastfeed even though had made it quite clear on facebook over a month before she had switched to formula, as if it mattered to me... not to mention she must have felt awkward pulling out a bottle well I breastfed my baby - babies have to eat it matters less to me how yours does, then how mine does.

She was also always very concerned with my daughters height and weight - after passing on that information I was told the same thing I hear many times shes such and such a weight but she was losing weight. It didn't sound healthy apparently her child was 15lbs for 3 months and always in the process of losing weight, I mean I am self conscious about my weight, I'm honest, and a lot of women are, but why project that on to our children?

In the end I got to see one picture of her standing, that looked very 'iffy' to say the least holding on to the edge of the playpen, nothing around her the quote reading that the newly 6 month old was found that way after nap time, or the face she apparently was a little pro at crawling and not even one picture in the crawling position, however the piece de la resistance was the video called first steps where she held her daughters hand above her head and swung her side to side to make her "walk".

A few of my friends recently saw super baby ... she wasn't as super as the lavish claims ...

Poor child - I have no doubt she will walk before my daughter with that kind of effort and of course I can't forget super mum could run at 8 months old so super baby has a lot to live up too.

Its fine, to each their own - I no longer bother with super babies mother - truth is she found out that her daughter had the "super baby" everyone was talking about - It took her awhile to realize there was a lot of eye rolling and scarcasim taking pace.

I almost feel bad though, not only for super baby, but super mum - maybe she really feels this is necessary, maybe something is making her feel like its a race or a competition, maybe shes insecure.

I do feel bad in one respect, her feeling might have been hurt when realizing she was the on going joke - or not and just assume jealousy on our parts, none the less whats done is done 

... but in my defense how can you not poke fun at someone who claims they need to buy their 6 month old walking shoes so she can chaise the family dog ...  :-p


  1. Wow..this was very well put...I couldn't of said it any better my self... ; this whole page is great...good job!!

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