Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Something is better then nothing

So after months of fighting with the moving company, I am happy to know some of my stuff will actually make it to New Zealand. How much? Not much, a few boxes and over $3,000 later, it was a hefty life lesson I will be paying off for quite some time and a lot lost.

I will most likely be getting some of my daughters personal belongings, but its exciting and nerve racking that I won't know exactly what until it gets here. I am praying that a few of my favorite sappy sentimental things will make it, but it not 'c'est la vie.'

This horrible, emotionally agonizing event taught me one thing at least, my dad is always there when I need him - going above and beyond his parental call of duty. He's always been like that so I shouldn't have expected any less of him, having said that my biggest grievance really is all the stress and finical burden that he often under go's for me, but hey maybe one day I will be able to repay the favor.

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